Update : August 2018

It has been a year since Voie Rapide was launched, having seen the site bed in over the last twelve months.

In that time, I've added new countries to expand our reach, but I've also been able to think about where to take the site forward.

As you can see, that doesn't mean that I've decided to close the site. Oh no, that isn't going to happen. I wouldn't have done this update otherwise!

Anyway, so what has happened? Well, first of all, the design has been changed to make the site feel fresher, brighter and more modern.

Most importantly, there has been a bit of a re-jig. All of the continental Europe countries that were on the site are still here. I've also added some "useful information" pages, detailing some basic rules of the road, what you need to take with you, traffic signs and roadside facilities.

The Irish pages have been moved into their own dedicated mini-site, called Mótarbhealaí - you can find a link to that above. However, otherwise everything there is the same.

As for the British junction maps, the decision here has been to remove them from the site. As roads.org.uk (formerly CBRD) features the more detailed Motorway Database, I felt that there was an unnecessary duplication. However, if readers wish for these to be retained, then please contact me and if there is enough demand then I'll look at bringing them back (I haven't permanently deleted the data - yet).

As for the future, well I'm looking at adding more countries over the next couple of years. Don't expect anything too rapidly, as it does take a while to put these together, and I don't want to risk burning myself out between working on the site and my job! Plus I need time to spend with the family...

However, if there is anything that you would like to see on the website going forward, then don't hesitate to get in touch and suggest it. If it is feasible for me to do so, then I'll look to add it in due course.

Happy Reading!